Saturday, April 27, 2013


A few months ago my boyfriend told me about this app. I tried it. I love it. And then this past week I was lucky enough to become one of their featured members. I was already sharing my love of style, accessories, pops of color, food and whatever else was on my mind, but now I get to reach users I never would have been able to prior. Then the next day I saw that it was featured in the app store and I figured, since they feature me, now I get to feature them. 

Ever had a hard time making a decision? Of course you have. Who hasn't? The app lets you ask the entire Seesaw community as well as your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter for advice. Hastag your way to having people make your decisions for you and even tag those you really want a decision from. 

 Pretty cool side-note, some of the investors are those that also invested early on in Instagram & Twitter… needless to say, they know their stuff! Take a look at the website here or if you have an iPhone, head over to the app store and download it for free.

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